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In the initial stages of a project, the site will be cleared and marked out, which will allow you and Tom to get an idea of the scale and layout of the different areas and elements of the design. When you’re happy, he'll proceed to either excavate or build up the areas in preparation for any foundations.

Before starting the build process, all materials are shown to you for your approval, with an explanation as to how they will look when the job is complete. Every major step of the garden’s construction is considered and modified as necessary to achieve the highest standard and your complete satisfaction.

Tom produces detailed planting plans for all of his designs, which will complement the hard landscaping. His in-depth knowledge of plants and artistic eye for colour and texture help enhance each garden and elevate it to another level.

As the hard landscaping comes to fruition, the planting plan will be reviewed with you again. This is a good opportunity to get a feel for the space and to adapt any areas of the planting scheme.

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