Tom's Art Studio

Tom Hill Water Colours and illustration

As well as producing artistic impressions of his garden designs, Tom is a self-taught artist. His artworks, which cover a wide range of subjects, are painted in watercolour. Unlike traditional watercolour painting, Tom chooses to approach his works slightly differently, spending a huge amount of time on the details to achieve a realistic image.

Tom also illustrates magazines and cards for local businesses. These can be either drawn or painted in a number of styles to suit the needs of the client.

If you would like to commission a one off piece of art or a personalized sketch or card, please contact Tom to organise a meeting to discuss your ideas. Limited edition prints of Tom’s artworks are available and can be viewed below.

Tom Painting Jungle
Watecolour Lion
Watercolour of street seller
Watercolour Angel
Watercolour Eagle
Watercolour Elephant
Water Colour Rhino
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