About Tom

Dorset based Landscape Gardener

When you commission Tom Hill to design your garden, you'll receive a unique service.  From design to completion you'll be working directly with the designer who'll be carrying out the work.  Tom will be able to present a hand painted artistic impression of the plan to help you visualise his concepts. This gives you a real insight into what your garden will look like once completed. Tom’s understanding of all aspects of soft and hard landscaping will ensure your finished garden will exceed your expectations.

Tom Hill began his career in gardening after leaving school. A close family friend, who worked in the trade, gave him the opportunity to assist him on his landscaping projects. He soon acquired the knowledge to progress quickly onto more complex areas of landscaping, until he became confident enough to begin thinking about starting his own business.

With a firm understanding of the basics of landscaping, he went on to teach himself the remaining skills that would enable him to take on a complete design project. Now his eyes were firmly set on designing and building gardens, and his natural talent for art would help illustrate his visions to potential clients. Every project was an opportunity to develop and hone his skills, focusing on pushing himself to improve and to become a master at his profession.

Tom’s vision is to design and build bespoke gardens for his clients using superior materials, quality workmanship and creativity.

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